20 years later, the iconic Tailwind IV is back

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In 1999, the Air Max Tailwind IV came on the market and was sensational. For its twentieth birthday, the iconic sneaker is back. For the first time in history, it’s available in Courrir stores.

The Tailwind is simply revolutionary. In 1978, it became the first sneaker to have the « Air » technology. Since then, the model has kept evolving. 1999 was the year of its consecration: everyone wanted the Air Max Tailwind IV.

A perfect mix between the Air Max 95 and Shark, that were commercialized a few years earlier, the Tailwind is a true hybrid. Its aggressive stripes on the sides are like those on the TN. Whereas its design and discreet swooshes on the side make it look softer, more like the Air Max 95. Its explosive look made it famous, so did its comfort. Its four air-bubbles are visible on each side and are designed as cushions against shocks. Its outside sole, in rubber, will give you the impression that you are walking on clouds while wearing slippers.  Kourtney Kardashian wears them with mottled grey track pants, and a white crop top, in the streets of L.A.

Available in many colors, since October 10th, for the first time at Courrir.

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