3 hi-tech earphones to get your workouts jumping


What better motivation to get back into the gym than a carefully curated playlist? Let’s take a look at three wireless headsets that athletes love to rock out to as they work out.

Powerbeats Pro by Beats by Dre, the cool ones

We love the minimalist design and smooth curves fitted with adjustable ear hooks, proof that even when it comes to technology, things can look as good as they work; plus chic original colours ranging from khaki and cream to blue and powerful sound enhanced by noise cancellation: it’s sweatproof and recharges in a matter of minutes with the easy-to-transport lightweight charging case.

Powerbeats Pro by Beats by Dre, 249.95 Euros hhttps://www.beatsbydre.com

SoundSport Free by Bose, for all-rounders

Fed up with earphones that fall out as soon as you start working out? The SoundSport Free earphones by Bose are designed for exercising and provide a level of stability that’s hard to achieve, even in the middle of a sprint on a treadmill or an acrobatic yoga position. The wings on their StayHear+ tips naturally hug the ear’s butterfly shape and they have a water-repellent mesh that protects the inside of the earphone from damp caused by sweat or bad weather.

SoundSport Free wireless earphones by Bose, 199.95 Euros https://www.bose.fr/

Jabra Elite Active 75T, to push your boundaries

Specially designed for fitness addicts, the latest generation of wireless headsets from the Danish brand Jabra are designed for high intensity workouts. With exceptional hold and 7.5 hours battery life, they provide the ultimate in sound quality even in motion with four built-in microphones, are sweat and dust-proof and cancel out the inopportune sound of the wind and your surroundings that can turn any professional call into a nightmare.

199.99 Euros, available to pre-order on https://www.jabra.fr/

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