A look back at the best looks from Wes Anderson’s films


Wes Anderson’s tenth feature film, The French Dispatch, will finally be presented on the Croisette on 12 July after an unbearable wait for film lovers. The director with his poetic, unique and humorous universe uses colour palettes like no one else, taking care of the sets as well as the choice of costumes. An opportunity to look back at the looks of his emblematic female characters.

1/ Juliette in The French Dispatch

Tartan skirt, burgundy tights, brown leather boots and prefecto dotted with a 60s motorbike helmet: it’s impossible to miss the look of the dynamic Juliette played by Lyna Khoudri. In the incredibly promising film The French Dispatch, shot entirely in the French town of Angoulême, the young Frenchwoman, who won a Cesar in 2020, works alongside an impressive cast (Benicio del Toro, Timothée Chalamet, Adrien Brody, Tilda Swinton, Owen Wilson, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Mathieu Amalric, Léa Seydoux, Cécile de France and even Guillaume Gallienne) Want to know more about the plot of this new Wes Anderson’s promise in the running for the Palme d’Or in Cannes? A new trailer has just been unveiled here!

2/ Suzy Bishop in Moonrise Kingdom

Retro and romantic, the irresistible look of Suzy played by Kara Hayward! In Moonrise Kingdom, one of Wes Anderson’s masterpieces, the reckless young heroine runs away with Sam, her scout lover, and wears a tight pink and white dress with long sleeves and a claudine collar, high white socks and a tartan printed schoolbag.

3/ Margot in The Tenenbaum Family

A brilliant teenager with a passion for writing plays, the complex character of Margot Tenenbaum sinks into depression, depressed by her husband Raleigh. Played by Gwyneth Paltrow, the young woman in search of love and happiness sports iconic looks throughout the film. One of them? A short striped blue Lacoste dress, a long fur coat, pink gloves, a little baby-doll clip and smoky eyes.

4/ Jack’s girlfriend in Hotel Chevalier

In this vibrant short film called Hotel Chevalier, a prologue to the film Aboard the Darjeeling Limited, the great Nathalie Portman plays Jack’s girlfriend. Their fragile relationship is on display in this Parisian hotel while yellow tones dominate the image. Emblematic piece? The famous yellow bathrobe that Jack wears in the first few minutes before she grabs it in turn.

5/ Rita in Aboard the Darjeeling Limited

In the wild journey aboard the Darjeeling Limited following the spiritual quest of the three brothers Francis, Peter and Jack in India, the latter (Jason Schwartzman) meets Rita played by actress Amara Karan. What is the most beautiful thing Rita wears? A sari in shades of green, blue and ecru that gracefully reveals her navel.

6/ Agatha in The Grand Budapest Hotel

Iconic feature film in Wes Anderson’s career? The Grand Budapest Hotel. In this story that follows the adventures of Gustave H, the man with the golden keys to a famous European hotel between the wars, and lobby boy Zero Moustafa, his faithful ally, there is Agatha. Played by Saoirse Ronan, this courageous pastry chef’s apprentice wears a pastel look in perfect harmony with the aesthetics of the film: a pink and blue dress with a powder pink top.

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