Addison Rae, the most courted TikTok artist by brands


With over 80 million fans worldwide, the 20 year old is making a name for herself among the elite of Tiktokers.

Still little known to the general public, Addison Rae is nonetheless a key figure among Tiktok followers, who have been following her every move for almost two years.

Known in the city as Addison Easterling, the young dancer with the sunny energy and long hair has had a lightning success. Revealed by Tiktok as well as her friend Charli d’Amelio, she has collaborated with Reebok and L’Oréal.

The young woman, who has 80 million subscribers, is the highest paid Tiktok star and will earn $5 million in 2020 alone. According to the business bible Forbes, she is the highest paid in the Tiktok microcosm, earning around $40,000 for her posts. This is in addition to the astronomical income she recently received from Spotify for the creation of the podcast Mama Knows best, hosted in duo with her mother Sheri Nicole Easterling.

Bromance with Kourtney Kardashian

Popular for her dancing and viral videos, the young woman is also making headlines in the celebrity press: her fans are speculating about her relationship with Bryce Hall, a Tiktokeur and Youtuber with whom she was allegedly in a relationship until last October. While Tiktok’s fans know all about her private and public life, the Tiktoke star was recently discovered by an older audience through her regular appearances on the final season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. In the show, we learn about the inner workings of her bromance with the eldest of the Kourtney clan, and she gives dance lessons to Kim Kardashian herself.

Addison Rae’s irresistible rise doesn’t seem to be stopping: last March, she was invited by Jimmy Fallon to his iconic show, where she unveiled her first single “Obsessed” live.

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