Athleisure, or when sport becomes sporty chic


A trend started by the young generation of supermodels, sporty-chic takes over streetstyle and catwalks.

In L.A., where sportswear has been day-to-day wear for decades, seeing celebs and regular people running around in leggings and sports bras is just normal life. In Europe, not so much. Sportswear almost never sees the light of day outside of the gym, and when it is, well, there’s judgment. Tastemakers and trendsetters wouldn’t be caught dead wearing sportswear in the street. But the strength of the Athleisure wave cannot be denied – it’s a fashion trend that makes sportswear unavoidable and ever-present, morning to evening.

Gigi, Bella, and the sportsbra

Iconic divas like Rihanna and J.Lo brought Athleisure mainstream, but once top models like Gigi and Bella Hadid put their twist on the look, the trend moved from mainstream to high fashion. No need to wait for a weekly yoga class to pull out your new leggings, ultra-fitted logo bra, or cute crop-top: Athleisure is now for lunch with friends, that appointment after pilates, even the office. What makes it so appealing? Well, it’s versatile, which is exactly what women with busy schedules need. Figuring out how to plan outfit changes and navigate locker rooms is over. Now women can combine leggings, crop tops, bike shorts, even bustiers. No more fashion faux pas!

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