Beauty: the 4 coolest suncare products of the moment


The long-awaited moment has (finally) arrived: to protect your skin from harmful rays while filling up on Vitamin D, you can slather on these 4 new ultra-sensory products that are guaranteed to leave no white marks from head to toe.

Hydra Vizor, by Fenty Skin

Moisturise and protect in one step? That’s the challenge of this all-in-one care product with refillable and eco-responsible packaging and an unsuspected velvety texture. And if you need one last unstoppable argument, you should know that it is Rihanna’s favourite skincare product herself!

Hydra Vizor by Fenty Skin, 34 euros per 50ml

The Ordinary spf30 mineral UV filters

All self-respecting beautistas love The Ordinary skincare products, ultra-concentrated high-tech solutions that combine maximum effectiveness with low prices. Antioxidant, moisturising and anti-inflammatory, the sun cream from the favourite brand of millenials helps prevent blemishes, a problematic counterpart that inevitably occurs when returning from holiday.

Mineral UV filters SPF30 from The Ordinary, 9.90 euros

Clean Screen, from Ren clean Skincare

This 100% vegan, silicone-free mineral sunscreen is made from natural ingredients and its packaging is made from 50% recycled plastic. Its mattifying formula protects against pollution and creates a barrier against UVA, UVB, blue light and free radicals.

Clean Screen by Ren clean Skincare, 34 euros per 50ml

Mimitika SPF50 Face Cream

Don’t want to inherit a leaden complexion after a few days of lazing around in the sun? We opt for this cream, a real Insta-filter in a jar that protects while stimulating the production of melanin for an ultra-bright tan. Enriched with vitamin E, it is a perfect make-up base.

Face cream SPF50 by Mimitika, 17 euros per 50ml

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