Between skateboarding and shooting for Dior, it’s all about gliding for Briana King


Skater, model, Briana King has a strong character and rides her own path with elegance and determination.

If there’s one thing Briana King does with as much ease as an “ollie”, it’s play with stereotypes. As comfortable on a skateboard as she is on a photo shoot, the 27-year-old Los Angeles native and Dior muse continues to ride regularly with her buddies and post skateboarding tutorials on her social networks.

On closer inspection, her background did not predestine her to lead these two lives at once. It wasn’t until the age of 12 that she started learning to skate. Almost an anomaly for a teenager who grew up in California, the temple of skateboarding. If today she seems very comfortable, everything was not necessarily simple.

As a child, she wanted “to ride with the boys but they expected too much (from her)”, she recalls. So much so that she got discouraged and had to stop for a while, before forming her own girls’ team. In 2018, she founded Display Only, a project for LGBTQIA+ girls and people, which promotes meetings to train, learn tricks … And this, in particular during the Girl & Queer Skate Sesh.

From skatepark to catwalk

But how does one go from skateboarding to Dior? Briana King gives a first answer when she reveals that one of the first things that attracted her to skateboarding was the style, the clothes. Her mother was a stylist, but when agents approached her daughter to recruit her and do photos, she said she didn’t want her daughter to be in that business.

Finally, the inevitable happened in 2010 when Briana was contacted by MySpace. She flew to Australia, where she began a career as a model. Her mother even became her “biggest fan”. She started working with several brands, including Dior. But the majority of her sponsors remain skateboarding related brands.

In 2018, Briana King even tried her hand at cinema, as she can be seen performing (as a stuntwoman) in the film Skate Kitchen, starring Jaden Smith. How far will she go? It’s impossible to predict. But what is certain is that she will most probably go there on a skateboard.


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