Does the Great Astral Trinity speak to you?


What if we tell you it’s the synergy between the Sun sign, the Moon sign and the Ascendant, is that better? 🔮

We may be a little sceptical, but at the beginning of the year, we like to know if in the coming months, the planets will be aligned for us.

If you’re a Virgo ascendant, take a breath: it seems that the Jupiter-Pluto sextile will be favourable to you despite the Moon/Uranus trine… Ok, we tried, but let’s leave it to the pros like @astrotruc & @astrxtinity, who are much better at memes than us! And for a more traditional horoscope, we follow @sistersastro, @astrokiff & @astro.lya.

We’re looking forward to March… How about you? 🪐

📸 @astrokiff

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