Études x Wikipedia: the knowledge collection


The contemporary streetwear brand has unveiled its collaboration with the 2.0 giant.

For an independent brand that’s all about pooling knowledge and breaking down barriers between art, fashion and culture, what could make more sense than working with the world’s most famous online encyclopedia?


Calling all cool geeks: Etudes is a brand that’s never short of inspiration and has joined forces with Wikipedia, the digital giant that is now the go-to for pop culture.
The sportwear collective’s website has previewed the first images from the 2020 Spring/Summer collection co-designed with the pioneering encyclopedia for sharing knowledge, one of Etudes’ core values that has fuelled it since its foundation in 2012.

A now iconic unisex range that includes a shirt, dress and skirt plus a cap and hoodie branded with the famous Wikipedia logo of an unfinished globe.

The partnership couldn’t be more on point, as the designers themselves say on their website: “Expanding the dialogue between what we (choose to) wear and the world of knowledge, this collaboration serves as an especially noteworthy stepping stone in the history of Études and the borderless impact we hope to cultivate as a contemporary voice in fashion. Knowledge is vital, but it only becomes truly beneficial once it’s accessed and circulated globally.”

View the full collection on the website https://www.etudes-studio.com

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