Gorillaz Comes Back… In A Movie!


This entire world is about to shake to the rhythm of Gorillaz. A documentary on the legendary group will be released in all movie theaters near you. This incredible documentary will be available for one night only.

In 1998, Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn decided to go on a crazy adventure: create a virtual band. The former roommates imagined 2D, the lead singer, Murdoc Niccals, bass, Noodle, guitar and RusslHobbs, bass. Quickly their 4 fictional characters seduced the entire world. 20 years after their beginning, Gorillaz now holds an impressive record: billions of streams, millions of albums sold and mostly, incredible tunes like Clint Eastwood or Feel Good Inc, that keep our parties going.

An unmissable film

With the one-time movie Gorillaz : Reject False Icons, director Denholm Hewlett invites you to discover the intimacy of the band. Even if the characters are virtual, the musicians onstage are real: album preparations, tours..  With this extraordinary full-length picture, you’ll be able to live the past three years of this band, very closely.

This film is a one time event : on December 16th. Remember to book that date !

To check out with theatre will run Gorillaz : Reject False Icons, go to  : https://www.rejectfalseicons.com/

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