Healing with crystals, a bright new influencer trend


What if everyday illness could be treated with the power of crystals and semi-precious stones?

If the French name, lithotherapy, gives it a scientific air, it’s the English equivalent, the mystic-sounding “crystal healing,” that is more often used by its followers. But don’t be fooled – this method of alternative medicine that uses stones and crystals to treat mental and physical health didn’t start in the early 1970’s of your hippie aunt. There is evidence of their therapeutic use even in ancient civilizations. It’s a remedy as old as time that has generated a lot of buzz in recent years, driven by an increasingly popular wellness trend. Savvily tapped by the fashion and cosmetic industry, crystal healing has even made its way into some beauty products.

If the lithotherapy craze has gotten a boost from celebrity enthusiasts (Victoria Beckham, the Olsen sisters, and Kim Kardashian are devotees) it’s wellness influencers who have been its best ambassadors.

Physical and mental self-care are all over our feeds

In 2020, an influencer doesn’t just have to have killer abs and a photogenic behind, she’s also expected to provide advice on wellness: astrology, herbal medicine, tarot, and of course, crystal healing. Self care, the quest for mental wellbeing, and even a certain spirituality are everywhere in our feeds. It’s a positive drive for wellbeing that you can’t help but welcome, whether or not you’re convinced by the methods on offer.

Intrigued by the power of gemstones? You can find a wealth of dedicated websites on the topic, serious online encyclopedias that describe the properties of each crystal and give instructions on how to use them. Whether it’s for migraines, quitting smoking, or regular old heartache, there’s a stone for everything in the world of lithotherapy.

Up next: crystal healing sneakers?

Grammable water bottles that come with amethyst or labradorite to purify your water, quartz jade rollers to tone your skin, pendants to soothe your heart chakra… crystal healing comes in accessories as pretty as they are well-designed, a pleasant way to get comfortable with the concept. And if you doubt their effectiveness, you can at least console yourself with their esthetics: the crystals look like accessories on their own. Word on the street is that these stones will probably show up on a lot of designer sneakers in 2020.

Photo credit: Jade Roller

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