Heron Preston has designed the jerseys for the League of Legends World Championship

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The League of Legends World Championship is kicking off this week and the teams want to be at their best. The Korean Gen.G team has joined forces with streetwear designer Heron Preston to create their new World Championship jersey.

A team that’s been – coolly – smartened up by a designer. Heron Preston and the esports Gen.G team unveiled the team jerseys for the 2020 League of Legends World Championship in a short video. An all-black Puma kit with a simple design: the Gen.G logo takes centre stage on the front with blue “Heron Preston” wording just above it and a retro-style globe on the back. Preston’s design is a nod to his own love of retro video games and a tribute to the players representing their organisation and country against the world’s best teams.

  “I wanted to bring in the beginning of video games, so the pixelation in the design was inspired by the classic 8-bit graphics. On top of that I wanted to add in design cues inspired by Gen.G as well. The three stars that appear around the globe have the slogan “Change the Game,” and another saying in Korean “Fall down 7, get up the 8th time.” Both are slogans for Gen. G that encapsulates their attitude: don’t just play the game, change it.”  

Heron Preston is well-known: he has his own brand and several collaborations under his belt whether it be with Kanye West, Virgil Abloh or even NASA. As executive brand advisor for Gen.G, the designer has added another string to his bow with the aim to build a brand image around the Korean team.

The world championship is one of the biggest esports competitions. The teams who qualify for the tournament tend to create special designs for their jerseys. G2 and Flyquest have so far unveiled kits inspired by dragons (this year’s tournament is being held in Shanghai). Nike is making jerseys for four representatives of the Chinese League of Legends Pro League. Puma has joined the game too: the Preston/Gen.G partnership is helping to form new bonds between fashion and esports. The jerseys are available to buy and the first of two garments Preston is designing for Gen.G.

The League of League World Championship should be the most-watched event of 2020. Gen.G’s regional qualifying match alone attracted a worldwide audience of over a million people.

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