In the Viewfinder: the Coperni Swipe Up glass bag


Here is the new handbag that breaks the internet! While its Swipe Up Bag already had the fashion world in a tizzy, Coperni has unveiled a new version that is bolder than ever, made entirely of glass. 🧊

For this piece of art between jewellery and leather goods, the brand partnered with New York glassmaker Heven. All in finesse and transparency, this object has notably seduced the Jenners, Haily Bieber and was especially famous during the Grammys. Indeed, many celebrities showed up with glass bags in their hands, enough to create hype! 🔥🔥

For now, Coperni is not selling these models made of glass yet, but several sources say that the bag will be on sale soon, at around $3,000. 🤯🤯

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