Insta accounts that make astrology sparkle

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Top view of astrologer holding notebook with watercolor drawings and zodiac signs on cards on table

Don’t believe in horoscopes? These three Instagram accounts with astral memes and themes will make you a believer.

LThe most glam

An Instagram account blending pop culture stars with the complex art of star gazing? We’ve dreamt about it, @glossy_zodiac did it. Vintage snaps of Britney Spears, technicolour shots of Paris Hilton, selfies of Bella Hadid and excerpts from the classic Legally Blonde are just some of the prime meme material that has a sweet laugh at star signs and their quirks. Warning, it’s highly addictive: if you sign up to this account you expose yourself to the risk of random tags among your group of friends.

The most sarcastic

With 471,000 followers, the dark @bitch.rising account is a heavyweight in the world of astrology 2.0 which people love for its irony and raw aesthetic. The account was launched by the young @spaceglam (who has a serious thing about the 90s) and switches randomly between the funniest current photos, campaign clips of Bernie Sanders, Cardi B videos and selfies of the Kardashian clan.

The most girly

Fancy a shot of vintage nostalgia? Pop over to the @zcdiacbabe account, our virtual Proust madeleine. Excerpts from Mean Girls and Clueless, images from The Simpsons, Daria or the best manga heroines and not forgetting our childhood Bratz dolls: this fun-filled account is a trip back in time to the girly world that millennials spent their teenage years in.

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