Ja 1 “Midnight”: the very bling sneaker by Ja Morant


Get ready to invest! After the Balmain Court at 1000 euros at Puma, it’s @nike’s turn to unveil a model that is at least expensive. 💸

Yes, this time it’s Ja Morant who was offered to sign his first shoe for the comma empire, named the Ja 1 “Midnight”. To edit this cherished model, the 23-year-old basketball player could also count on the help of @swarovski. 💎 Reason why the inside of the shoe’s Swoosh is adorned with shiny stones.

Canon but bling comes at a price, so this sneaker is edited at $400. Adorned with the words “It’s 12 somewhere” on its translucent blue sole which is also encrusted with glittering details, the Ja 1 Midnight Nike x Swarovski promises a sell out on its retail site in no time 😉

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