Joker and Batman Are On Your Converse

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Poor Batman is not so young anymore… He is 80 years old ! But even if he is older, he still keeps pop-culture up to date. Booba’s single Gotham came out in 2018. The movie Joker, his nemesis, was released last week and is already considered a master-piece. We are also looking forward to discover Robert Pattinson’s performance as Batman soon.

On his birthday, Converse decided to celebrate him by creating 6 new Batman-themed sneakers. The brand revisited 3 of its historical shoes: two Chuck 70, two All-Stars and two Converse Low. Six different designs are available. Going from the simple Batman Logo, to action scenes drawn on your shoes. Something to give it an explosive touch!

With designs drawing back to the sixties comics, Converse is going vintage. Initial release on Octobre 21st, in Gotham City and elsewhere!

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