Jonathan Anderson puts upcycling in the spotlight in his latest Eye/LOEWE/Nature collection


The British designer has unveiled an outdoor collection made using recycled items. Sustainability has never been such a hot topic in the fashion industry as this year during a global pandemic.

The latest follower of the eco-awakening that has affected fashion and its figures, the Eye/LOEWE/Nature collection that Jonathan Anderson launched last year has unveiled its fourth instalment: the new collection is a permanent extension of the Spanish brand’s men’s ready-to-wear and designed for people who love the great outdoors and adventure but want to look good and look after the environment too.

The pieces are made from existing materials and fabrics with a zero-waste vision true to Jonathan Anderson’s creative process: “I love the idea of repurposing something that already had a life: it reminds me of the transformative power of creativity ” he said when the collection launch was announced at the end of October. “Using existing sources also gives unicity to each piece, which is a very warm trait, akin to my proclivity for craft.”

Our Christmas wish lists (we can dream!) include his parkas and khaki cargo pants made from military tents, vintage flannel shirts with colourful patchwork, super-soft recycled cotton hoodies and stunning multi-functional backpack made from several contrasting camouflage prints.

What’s the cherry on the cake? Each model is unique and changes depending on the unique features of the recycled fabrics that go into making them. One last good reason to treat yourself to one of these seriously stylish pieces: Loewe will donate fifteen Euros to charities working to protect the planet for each item sold.

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