Kah__Bane, sneaker fusion designer


The mysterious creator working on Instagram under the pseudonym Kah__Bane is a king of the mash-up, taking up lines and silhouettes from emblematic sneakers and turning them into unique designs.

A big fan of sneakers right from the start and a graduate from a fashion school, @Kah__bane can count on 30,000 followers fascinated by his anonymous creativity. In his continual search for the never seen before, Kah__Bane shapes original models on screen, basing himself on little-known or legendary brands. After working in the clothes sector in France and London, he moved to New York for a few months in 2018. He designed his first mash-up sneakers for a flatmate: a Timberland x Balenciaga Triple S. Combining passion and pleasure, the design was the first of a long series to be posted on Instagram.

His technical and outlandish trainers feature elements from up to 5 or 6 models, combining inlays, logos, materials and colours. The methodic dissection gives rise to shoes that are both familiar and surprising. His inspirations include such designers as Salehe Bembury (former creative director for sneakers at Versace), as well as Surgeon Studios, Daniel Bailey and Craig Green.

While we hope that his digital designs will come to life one day, the designer is currently working on a ready-to-wear brand. And if his interview with Coeval magazine is to be believed, the project should soon see the light of day. In the meantime, you can see the full scope of his work here.

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