Kid Cudi has to nail his comeback


When you think of Kid Cudi you think of an eternal cool kid, fashion week regular and screen guest star but you can easily forget he’s a great rapper. “Day ‘n’ nite” when he was 12. Obviously that won’t make you feel any younger and, worse still, it reminds you that Kid Cudi’s career could have been so much bigger as his amazing talent should have had more of a showcase over the last ten years.

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“Turbulent” sounds like the right word to describe Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi’s career. He landed in New York at 20 and made his mark on hip hop 3 years later with his iconic track that had it all: not only did he hog the top spot on countless billboards around the world but he was also spotted and signed by a certain Kanye West. Some of the decade’s biggest records followed in its wake: The Blueprint 3, 808s & Heartbreak, that’s all… In the meantime he released the intriguing and innovative Man on the Moon Man studio albums… Kid Cudi is one incredibly talented guy who knows how to blend genres to perfection without muddling them. Unfortunately, we don’t even need a spoiler alert to tell you that he’s not at the top of his “career” because, ever since Man on the Moon II (2010!), it’s been hard to make the connection between his projects and understand what the Cleveland-born artist is doing.

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Behind his egocentric exterior is a slightly lost artist whose constant claims for independence have seen him end up isolated and out of touch with his well-established fanbase, as proven by his WZRD rock band flop. His desire to venture off the beaten track has meant he’s been fairly alone on these far-flung paths with his constant anti-system speeches which were so indecipherable that you don’t want to decipher them any more.

After losing his way, Kid Cudi returned to his roots in 2018 when he joined forces with Kanye in a blaring comeback to form KIDS SEE GHOSTS, an artistic catharsis where the two rappers powerfully proclaim (yell?) their psychological lapses. And it works. Cudi has stepped away from his lonely tone and seemed to have thought better of his marginal style as one of the year’s bangers came from a collaboration with Travis Scott where Kid Cudi’s madness is doing what it does best: bringing out Mescudi’s artistic genius. With an album expected in 2020 (come on, there are a few months left), a joint album with The Weeknd among others, we’ve come to the classic end-of-career double or quits. Will he finally return to the throne he left almost a decade ago or will he end up staying on the edge of a kingdom that was his for the taking? To be continued.

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