Lava lamps : the goal of decoration 


Have lava lamps been your decorating goal since you were a teenager? Obviously, it’s contagious.

Since its invention by the British Edward Craven Walke, founder of @mathmos_originals in 1963, the magma lamp has hypnotized us all. This is due to its retro futuristic design, its stroboscopic colours that fascinate us (almost) as much as Britney’s Insta, but above all its tinted bubbles that our eyes cannot help but glue to. 60 years after its launch, the star object of the 90’s with its multiple variations remains a must-have in our homes.

Our favourite? The “Neo” model in cast metal with a copper finish. But because we also like the vintage style, we would like to see the Astro Platinium Vinyl on our bedside table.

What’s your favourite? 🌋

📸 @mathmos_originals

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