Little Simz puts everyone on the same page


A devilish flow, an angelic smile and a reputation as one of the world’s best, Little Simz is back on the rise as a British rapper.

On 3 September, Little Simz created a stir with the release of her fourth album Sometimes I Might Be Introvert. The acronym of the title is Simbi, the nickname of the English rapper whose full name is Simbiatu Ajikawo. Her latest album has been showered with praise and rave reviews from the press. Jay Z and Kendrick Lamar have called her the most talented artist of her generation. But who is this 27-year-old Londoner of Nigerian origin, adored all over the world?

Flashback to 2014. Little Simz explodes with her track “Bars Simzson”, taken from her EP E.D.G.E. And all the ingredients are already there. Fiercely effective flow, rhymes chiselled to the millimetre, all in a relaxed way at 20 years old. Those who had the chance to see her live, in Paris, in May 2015 at the Divan du Monde, will confirm it, on stage she is even stronger. Charisma, confidence, attitude, no doubt, she was bound to explode in front of the world.

Independent introvert

Four albums and a few awards later, the whole world is making eyes at her. Everyone wants to work with Little Simz, but the artist has a different vision for her career. All his projects have been released through his independent label Age 101 Music. Even though Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole support her and would like to sign her to their respective labels, Simbi wants to continue, for a while, as an independent, as she said in an interview in 2019: “I still want to try to make my music independently and see how far I can go like that (…) I feel like I still need to learn, to continue to take risks on my own.

In her latest album, Sometimes I Might Be Introvert, the artist reveals a more intimate side, and a lot of questioning. Sometimes she admits that she hasn’t sorted out all her ‘daddy issues’, sometimes she says ‘Picasso with a pen’. Touching and surprising. Dr Simbi and Ms Simz. An album and an artist to follow urgently, if you haven’t already!

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