Louis Vuitton X League of Legends: the unexpected partnership

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Who ever said that fashion and video-games were incompatible? Certainly not League of Legends players!

For the first time in history, a luxury fashion brand partnered with the master of e-sport. Louis Vuitton offered a very unexpected partnership to League of Legends (LOL).

Here is a little reminder, if you have no idea what LOL is: this game came out in 2009 and is an online strategy game played all around the world. The goal is to destroy opponents and their buildings. Each character has a unique set of competence and have to play a specific role on the map.

Ten years after its beginning, League Of Legends, is legendary for PC players. People are such fans that they gather in large venues to play LOL, and compete to win prizes reaching up to millions. In last November, at the Paris Accorhotel Arena, the LOL world championship was sold out with 12 000 people in the audience and another 44 million were streaming world wide. 

Vuitton, LOL’s fan luxury prize

During the championship, Louis Vuitton made a remarkable entrance by providing the LOL Cup a home, in a very chic case.

Louis Vuitton designed a whole new line of product for LOL fans: connected watches, track pants, shoes, t-shirts. Over 50 products await on Louis Vuitton website.

However, be aware that your grandma’s Christmas check may not be enough to buy anything. A headband is worth 145 euros, un jacket is over 4 200 euros. Discover the entire collection here: https://fr.louisvuitton.com/fra-fr/lvxlol/decouvrir-la-collection/lvxlol-collection-exclusivement-en-ligne/_/N-10r8w6f/to-3

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