Luka Dončić lights up the court in Jordan


All the NBA commentators are talking about him. Luka Dončić, 2.04m tall weighing in at 104kg, is a baby-faced Slovenian who’s just 20 years old. The lad from Ljubljana has gradually carved out a dazzling career. The Dallas Mavericks player was brought up with a love for the orange ball and thirst for success: the son of the Serbian-born Slovenian basketball player Saša Dončić and the dancer Mirjam Poterbin, he started his professional career at KK Olimpija before he was sent to Madrid where his talent blossomed.

He was barely 16 when he became the youngest player in the history of Real to play at the Liga Endesa Spanish Championship and he made his mark within two years: he won everything and literally walked all over Europe. The Liga Endesa, EuroLeague (the most prestigious competition) and Euro Basket, he’d ticked every box before he’d turned 18. No European player had done better. There you have it. Obviously Dončić was spotted by the crème de la crème: the NBA.

Ranked 3rd in the 2018 draft and selected by Atlanta, his fate was sealed by the Dallas team. The young rookie impressed as soon as he crossed the pond, as the sports journalist Ken Fernandez put it: “He’s not the most elegant player or the fastest in the world, but the most all-round, the most effective and especially the most intelligent. Now he’s 20 and into his second NBA season, he can do it all: a big scorer, a great shooter, he takes around 10 bounces and often exceeds the 10 decisives passes, he defends and has a triple-double record for the season (11).. Always with the same confidence and ease.” The kid lives and breathes basketball and already has the same ability to combine smart play, fitness and naturally perfect technique as the top players.

Jordans on his feet, like MJ

Despite his slim build and angel face, there’s no denying that Luka Dončić is walking all over the competition and not in any old sneakers. They’re none other than Jordan, the brand that is his new official supplier. With an arrival on the court to rival that of the legendary Bulls number 23, the US firm’s alliance with the Slovenian star soon made a splash and with the speed things are moving at, Luka Dončić is well on his way to selling as many shirts as MJ.

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