MAKE AMERICAN COOL AGAIN (Ep03): in Richmond with Vandy The Pink


It’s all about the United States with the presidential elections in full swing so Sneaker Spirit is exploring up-and-coming designers in America. Let’s go to Richmond, Virginia, with Junghoon Son aka Vandy The Pink. Design enthusiast Vandy has gone from customising a few pairs of sneakers to dressing celebrities and designing a huge LV-branded motorbike.

Customisation is all the rage and the new generation is overflowing with imagination when it comes to creating unique pieces. One of them is Vandy The Pink, an artist based between Virginia and New York City. The high-flying designer has been all over the internet with 50,000 followers since 2014. With logomania, Kawaii and sneakerhead inspo, this pop culture child had every reason to make his name in the world of streetwear.

His first creations came for his own love for sewing some Bape or Stussy logos onto a vintage pair of Air Force 1s but what came next was when the magic really happened. He customised a pair of adidas NMD shoes for one of his friends in what became a speculative collaboration with Off-White. The image went viral and saw the two friends invited to a party hosted by Mr. Virgil Abloh. That was all it took to give his self-confidence a boost and gradually build his think tank.

Vandy’s eye-catching statement pieces are loved by all kinds of people from the influencer Gully Leo to Billie Eilish. Surfing the logo flood of Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Haruki Murakami flowers, he launched his website where he regularly drops his signature collections.

Vandy is now involved in larger-scale projects as he’s joined forces with brands such as Hidden.NY and 88Rising. What’s the latest? A series of customised Nike Dunks that he’s coolly called Vandy Burger Shoes in a huge nod to the junk food giant McDonald’s plus an auction with unveiling one of his boldest designs: a luxury motorbike covered in Louis Vuitton monogrammed leather.

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