Missy Elliott Comes Back At Last!


Now 48 years old, and after a 14 year break, Missy Elliot is presenting a new project : Iconology.

After 14 years of silence, Missy Elliot is making a come-back with her EP « Iconology ». This EP is designed to pay tribute to the women that have made Hip Hop.

Missy Elliot is a singer, song-writer, and true pioneer. She was the first woman to be part of the Songwriters Hall of Fame and is now making a comeback, just before turning fifty.

On the menu? 5 tunes that are already a hit, and a first colorful clip for « Throw It Back ». This song is the true hymn of this season that reminds us what a great artist and performer Missy Elliot is.

What best way to celebrate the Queen of Hip Hop’s come back than with an amazing live performance? Missy Elliot was at the center of everyone’s attention at the MTV Video Music Awards when she received her trophy. She performed a memorable medley that burned the house down. The audience sang with her all along, especially during « I can’t stand the rain » and « Get your Freak On ».

A very professional show, so pleasing for the eyes and ears, that truly celebrated 90s fashion, dance and dancers. Alyson Stoner, gifted b-girl that was already in her 90s « Work It » clip, was there too. She was the cherry on top of the (cup)cake, a part of the celebration of Missy Elliot’s first period and fans. For the record, she holds 5 Grammy Awards, and sold over 30 million albums.

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