Neal Farinah, Beyoncé’s indispensable hair-stylist


Beyoncé’s hair-stylist is a passionate artist who celebrates black women’s natural beauty.

In September 2018, Beyoncé was on the cover of Vogue in a picture by Tyler Mitchell. What made the difference was the star’s natural hair- the real star in the picture.

Her hairstyle was truly a manifesto, a strong symbol and forward move in the very narrow-minded world of fashion. We owe this to Neal Farinah, Queen Bey’s gifted hair-stylist for over 14 years.

Neal Farinah is an active advocate of inclusivity in the fashion industry and show-biz. He comes from Trinidad and specializes in black women’s hair. Many celebrities are his clients: Solange and Mary J Blige, Nicki Minaj, Keri Hilson and Mya.

Absolute master of natural hair, Neal Farinah celebrates beauty in its diversity and destroys the racist cliché that compels black women to tame their hair in order to look like white women.

He is the one who helped Beyoncé transition to natural hair since her album Lemonade. He said in Elle Magazine : “It’s in Beyoncé’s nature, she always tries new things. I love the curly texture she shows off now, she is a beautiful curly haired black woman. She is empowered and pushes the limits of her own creativity”.

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