Nike Introduces A Musical Air Max

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Whether you go out to a Punk-Rock, Heavy Metal, Reggae, Electro or even Hip-Hop kind of party, no worries : Nike offers 5 new sneakers that go with your musical mood.

With its famous air bubble, the Air Max model became a legend throughout the world. Thirty years after its creation, this pair doesn’t have any grey hair of wrinkles, as it keeps reinventing itself. The Air Max 270 became one of the most sold pairs of shoes in North America in 2018. Nike just commercialized 5 new models that each have a particularity: they all reflect a different musical style!

The first one, all black and white, impersonates Punk-Rock style. The Heavy Metal genre is also represented with a pair, adorned with a metal swoosh and golden sides. The third, the Reggae pair, brings us to a wooden atmosphere, brown, with touches of green. The Electro pair illuminates the night like a stromb-light, with its pink, red and crimson.

Finally, the Hip-Hop Air Max features a totally black look and design. Inside the sneaker you’ll find a hidden reference to the « Rap Game ». On the sole, Nike has printed a thick, thuggish gold chain.

Air-Max have a golden place in street-wear fashion. Isn’t that why last summer rappers Rim-K and Ninho celebrated them in their hit simply entitled « Air Max » ?

Air Max 270 React, 160 euros

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