Nike unveils its GO FLYEASE technology


It’s never been so easy to put your sneakers on and take them off. Nike has decided to save us time with its GO FLYEASE technology that’s all about flexibility.

The swoosh brand has been bringing us legendary models like the Nike Dunk and Air Jordan sneakers but now it’s time for innovative new designs. A new GO FlyEase silhouette has landed. These sneakers’ ingenious design puts comfort and practicality into the spotlight. As the name suggests, the flexible silhouette is designed for users to put them on and take them off in a flash hands-free.

They have a “bi-stable hinge” which keeps them stable in both their fully open and fully closed states. This subtle duality presents another signature detail: the Nike Go FlyEase “tightener”. The tightener’s force on the sole replaces the action we take for granted (putting your shoes on, lacing them up and closing them). So it reinvents the movement to provide a design and fit suitable for everyone. From athletes to students in a rush and lazybones (who, like we all do sometimes, commit sacrilege by putting our sneakers on and taking them off without removing the laces and potentially damaging the design).

The Nike GO FlyEase lands on February 15th at around £115.

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