« Queens »: Sexy Blockbuster And Feminist Manifesto


Based on a true story, Loren Scafaria’s opus imposes itself as a feminist manifesto.

The pitch: « Queens » is adapted from a true story that first appeared in the article: « The Hustlers At Scores » by Jessica Pressler and published in the New York Magazine’s women’s division called « The Cut ». The film is about a gang of strippers that decide to defraud their clients, wealthy, lustful, Wall Street wolves. It’s a modern fairy tail that draws an empowering portrait of these modern Robin Hoods, that take their bodies back while fighting against the domination of men, turning the capitalistic machine against itself. Let’s review the cast of Queens.

J-Lo, star of this sexy thriller – First actress to join this ambitious project, Jenny from the block is also involved in the production of the movie. She trained for months to take on the role of Ramona Vega, the gang leader (inspired by Samantha Barbash). The singer gives an incredible performance and is a real show-stopper. This seems to be a victory and revenge for J-Lo, who wasn’t cast in Paul Verhoeven’s mythical Showgirls, twenty-three years ago.

Constance Wu – crowned by the success of Crazy Rich Asians, plays Destiny, single mom who became a stripper to support her family. Trained by her accomplice Ramona, who serves as her mentors and initiates her to the art of pole-dancing, becomes one of the brains of their scheme against golden boys.

Keke Palmer – the singer and actress is Mercedes, character inspired by Marsi Rosen, dancer who preferred to lay low during the entire promotion of the movie.

Cardi B – former stripper, the famous rapper dug in her professional experience to subtly bring to life her character, Diamond. This was quite the challenge for the artist, who is of a disarming sincerity, who declared during the promotion of the movie that she didn’t think that shooting a full-length picture was so long and complicated.

Lili Reinhart – first cast in the series Riverdale, she plays Annabelle, the sexy blonde of this explosive quintet.

Julia Stiles – the unforgettable heroine of Save The Last Dance, the hip hop teen movie. In this picture she plays Elizabeth, a journalist that tells the fascinating story of these modern glamazons. In any movie theater near you, form October 16th 2020, info and stories on https://www.instagram.com/hustlersmovie

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