Ring Fit Adventure: the ultimate workout at home


Nintendo Switch’s latest fun and original innovation brings sport and entertainment together.

Do you want to have fun getting fit without having to tackle heaving aerobics classes? You can with Ring Fit Adventure, available on Nintendo Switch, where you can tone up and burn calories without going to the gym.
How does it work? As the name suggests, it’s an adventure game using a Ring-Con, a flexible ring with foam handles to make handling a breeze. The smart hi-tech tool uses a built-in sensor to help you recreate the positions appearing on the screen. Before starting your virtual adventure, pop the strap supplied with the game onto your left leg once you’ve slipped the joystick in.

A pumping all-round workout! Dive into a colourful world with a full-throttle game and twenty-odd fitness levels that fly by without you’re feet ever really touching the floor. On top of running there are specific movements that you recreate using the Ring-Con (jumping, paddling, flying) in line with forty techniques depicted by colour groups. Moves designed to get your legs, abs and arms working and inspired by yoga positions too.

Worried about aches and pains? Stress not. Nintendo has covered all bases, even for lazybones: the accessory adjusts to suit your fitness level so it suits Instagram’s fit girls and treadmill novices alike.

Ring Fit Adventure Nintendo Switch, from 59.90 Euros

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