Service95: Dua Lipa shares her good tips in a newsletter


In addition to enjoying Dua Lipa’s good mood tracks or getting fashion inspiration by analysing her calibrated looks, we will now be able to receive her selection of good deals, addresses and favourites directly in our mailbox. The British singer has launched her newsletter Service95.

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Music, books, restaurants, artists, museums, travel and much more… That’s what’s in store for Dua Lipa’s fans for January 2022 thanks to the Service95 digital platform, as the British singer confirmed to Vogue magazine! Service95 is “a free weekly newsletter that will cover everything from little-known places to emerging artists to travel tips,” the artist explained on Twitter. Service95 will feature a thoughtful selection of lists, recommendations, stories, information, insights, perspectives and conversations that you won’t see, hear or read anywhere else.

The Future Nostalgua performer also says that all topics will be covered: fashion, beauty, arts, politics, or even the world’s major societal issues… The idea was born out of her desire to make lists of everything that seems interesting or catches her attention. “I like to tell people what I’ve learned in any city and find the connection in our shared experiences. Service95 will follow this idea and bring it to everyone who is as curious as I am about life.

To keep up to date with this project, click here and subscribe now to the first Service95 newsletter.


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