Sevali takes upcycling up a notch


Sevali is a French upcycled couture brand with an amazing future-forward sustainability concept launched by the Chilean designer Sebastian A. de Ruffray and worn by the likes of Doja Cat, Alexa Demie and Rosalià.

Just imagine being given a car wreck or an old mattress and being asked to dress a world-famous artist in it. Admit it, it’s a stretch. But it’s doable. Sevali’s artistic director, Sebastien, doesn’t shirk away from the challenge. He actually throws himself into the mad adventure of boundless creativity alone.

He was born in Santiago in Chile, did a BA at the Instituto Marangoni in Milan before interning at Alexander McQueen. He then did a MA at the famous fashion college Central Saint Martins. He carried on earning his stripes as a freelancer working for brands including Tom Ford and Balmain. 30 year old Sebastien now runs a brand beloved by avant-garde fashionistas and has a bright future ahead.

“Reusing materials has become an efficient way to find solutions to the problems that fashion has created for the environment; it isn’t a trend to me, it’s a creative philosophy,” he told Vogue Italy. That’s how Sevali brings together artisan expertise, recycled materials and surprising items: every piece is unique.

Since moving to Paris, the designer is happy to scour the city streets in search of abandoned items whose history and quality could be far more exciting than you’d think. “It makes my work easier,” he laughs in an interview with I-D. The resulting collections are staggering. A huge puffer jacket made from a floral mattress, a corset sculpted from old sneakers and a bodysuit from car seat covers…

It’s no wonder that celebrities are all over the new label. Everyone from the singer Rosalià and controversial Doja Cat to K-Pop stars BLACKPINK and the Euphoria actress Alexa Demie. Sevali is going to get tongues wagging.

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