Stop Everything, Travis Scott Did A New Song!


Highest in the room, October 4th. It’s through a simple tweet that Travis Scott surprised his fans at the beginning of the week. After many months of teasing, Travis Scott just made it official : yes a new song is out, and available this Friday! 

Last April, his daughter’s mother, Kylie Jenner, posted an ad for her make-up line on Instagram, in the back-ground we could hear music, but couldn’t tell what it was. It was actually an original and unpublished song!

 Did Travis Scott just tease us with a new tune? – Fans were taken aback.

A few weeks later, on stage at the Miami Rolling Loud, he played only an extract of the mysterious song. His fans were then convinced: Travis was about to release a new crazy thing.  

Following the announcement of this new song, some of his fans got very excited. Nielsen, 25 said I’m expecting something big. I’m sure he is going to make us so happy!

It’s true that for a while now, Travis Scott has succeeded in all of his projects.

His documentary, Look Mom I Can Fly is doing amazing on Netflix. He even started his own festival this year and prestigious guests are expected. His last album, Astroworld ranked in the top ten of most-sold albums in the US, in 2018. When Highest in the room got released this year, it became obvious that Travis was a true artist – so original. Why that is ? Because his album will be available online, audio-cassette and on vinyl records. That’s super classy.

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