Street art: Invader gives us a guided tour of Djerba


Do you want to combine culture and tourism in the same beautiful escape? Head for the island of Djerba, where the artist Invader is continuing his conquest of the world.

To discover the multi-faceted island of Djerba, there is nothing better than to be guided by the works of art that Invader will have scattered around the island by the end of 2019. A playful way to discover the island on the Tunisian coast, his route, composed of 58 mosaics, extends to the least known corners. One of the “invasions” of which the artist has the secret, and which gives pride of place to local culture: in the course of an inspired stroll, the visitor discovers a portrait of the famous singer Oum Kalthoum, a jar in the heart of the village HQ of the Guellala pottery, not forgetting a sheet of brigandage scattered around a local restaurant.

A life-size treasure hunt that goes hand in hand with the digital integration of the artist’s works in his Flash Invaders application, which allows participants and curious street art lovers to accumulate points for each photograph of one of the mosaics.

The 79th site of the most famous of anonymous artists’ invasions, the place also multiplies the nods to the iconic saga of George Lucas. A tribute that should delight aficionados of the genre, since the island once hosted the filming of Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope. The silhouette of a trooper can be seen on the façade of the house where the filming took place four decades ago, as Invader explained on his Instagram account.

Where do we sleep?

At Menzel Caja, a delightful whitewashed guesthouse covered in bougainvillea located 250 metres from the beach.

What to eat?

Fish and local specialities in the paillotes with their feet in the water located at the edge of the beach. Special mention should be made of the Petit Marin, a seafood restaurant highly recommended by locals and regulars of the island.

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