The Jumping Rope is a hit on social networks


The what? Jumping rope is the new – and fashionable – name for the jumping rope. The sports accessory is making a comeback in gyms and on the networks.

Jumping rope is no longer child’s play. Jumping Rope is about jumping rope in an “aesthetic” way on one leg or with one foot, sometimes in such convoluted positions that it is no longer clear whether it is still a sport, an artistic discipline or a challenge. Perhaps it is all three.

Balance, motor coordination, cardio, muscular endurance, there is no doubt about it: boxers already know that it is an essential and useful sports exercise for a fitness programme. Jumping rope for just ten minutes is more effective than 30 minutes of jogging.

Jumping rope is no longer just a hobby, it is once again a trendy sport in gyms and on social networks

Since its appearance in the US in the 1800s, jumping rope has come and gone sporadically – we all loved the double dutch – and since 2020 it has reappeared as the Jumping Rope. The confinements and closures imposed by the COVID-19 have encouraged athletes to find ways to stay fit and active with minimal equipment: easy to learn and perform, jumping rope has naturally caught on. So much so that in 2021, men and women are jumping rope, some of them Instagram and TikTok stars.

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