The latest Prada campaign: you either love it or hate it


Prada has started a digital dialogue with its fans for the 2021 spring/summer collection designed by the creative duo Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons. Some are delighted to be a key part of the project whilst others have been quick to turn it into memes.

A virtual conversation

September’s digital show was the first Prada show by the duo Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons. After the landmark presentation, both designers took part in a Q&A session with fans about their collection and creative process. In the same vein, the new campaign has started a conversation with Prada aficionados. There are no photographers or supermodels. Instead there are hundreds of cameras positioned around the models taking 360° shots. The technology decides the strength of the shots just as it has significantly decided the 21st century.

With this in mind, minimalist images present the pieces whilst drawing internet users on more or less existential and metaphysical questions. Is future a romantic idea for you? Can something be truly new? Is nature out there, or in here? Should we slow down or speed up? What utopia do you strive for? Is creativity a gift or a skill? Does ‘cloud’ make you think of data or sky? The answers collected on the brand’s website will also be used for the campaign.

Spoof memes

That said, the image within an image, questions and design decisions aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. The proof? Twitter users had lots of fun turning the campaign into memes. “Are we human or are we dancer? Answer at”, and the like. Others highlighted a lack of finesse and an old-fashioned page layout. One of them even used a famous meme about the naff Comic Sans font. A visionary campaign for some, an implausible bit of marketing for others… One thing’s for sure: everyone has an opinion about the Prada campaign.

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