The 70s obsession of the Tik Tok generation


The seventies was spotted as a trending phenomenon on the catwalk in winter 2020-2021. The decade inspired the latest Gucci x The North Face campaign, as well as a whole bunch of TikTokers.

For the past few weeks, wherever you go you hear Dreams by Fleetwood Mac or Abba’s Dancing Queen. And on Pinterest you’ve pinned all of Stevie Nicks’ looks, Farrah Fawcett’s blow-dried, thick layered hairstyles, as well as an assortment of Gucci print patterns. After toying with the idea of a mullet, you now find yourself fascinated by seventies styles. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. As can be seen by the countless talents at work on Tik-Tok.



300K! MUCH LOVE YALL!!🙏🏾💕#fyp

♬ Grape Soda – Rook1e

Starting with Lexson Millington aka @Lexsonator. This 22-year-old Canadian from Toronto started out on Tik Tok just a few months ago. This great fan of Tyler, The Creator has been a big hit, already totalling hundreds of thousands (sometimes millions) of views for his impeccably made videos. With his ultra-retro look, he inserts colourful funky styles into delightful stories or dancing lookbooks. What’s more, this seventies expert and bargain hunter of old-school items makes his finds available on his online shop @lbros.finds.


If ever there was someone who was not born at the right time, then it’s @emilyriboflavin. The huge fan of the Beatles and Led Zeppelin literally plunges us into the heart of the 1970s. With her flared trousers, floral dresses, perfectly blow-dried red hair and rainbow make-up, the young woman gives us the keys we need to take up the trend.



My aesthetic is 70’s groupie BUT one who refuses to chase after men #70s #fashion #vintagefashion #farrahfawcett #hairstyle

♬ I’m Waiting For The Man – Velvet Underground

Florence Given is an English writer and activist. She embodies the independent 70s woman on Tik-Tok. This makes sense, since the seventies was the decade that saw the radical opposition to patriarchy gain momentum in the US and Europe. It was the era of “second-wave feminism”. Florence Given is a talented illustrator, whose works can be found here. She has also recently published a book, “Women Don’t Owe You Pretty”.

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