Tongues, swooshes, soles: Air Force 1 Shadow doubles the fun


First designed in 1982, the Nike Air Force 1 is an iconic sneaker from the brand with the swoosh. Intended for the basketball court with its revolutionary shock-absorbing sole, the shoe spread quickly off the court. So much so, that today it is one of the most often sold-out.  On October 3 2019, Nike launched a brand-new all-female version; the AF1 Shadow.

Since its launch, this new design has been delighting sneaker addicts. As seen on Twitter: “The AF1 shadow is crazy!” “I’m about to lose it over the AF1 Shadow” “Okay, I need the AF1 Shadow to live, seriously!” 


The Air Force 1 Shadow is a lot like its big sister, the Jester, released last year, but it adds a number of new details. With its double tongue on the back, and its double swoosh on the sides, this shoe combines classic style with originality. Its grooved outsole and foam insole promise lightness, flexibility and comfort.

According to Georgina James, Artistic Director of Nike Women’s Footwear, “Women are all different, and everyone wants to show their personality through their sneakers.” This is why the shoe offers a very diverse color palette. There are six colorways available, from classic black to pastel shades, so there’s something for everyone.

Obviously, the AF1 Shadow is a fall must-have.  They will cost you 110 euros a pair. 

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