Travis Chapman, the man who turns memes into works of art


The Washington-born artist has a passion for the online world and its viral culture and his creative process is fuelled by memes.

Can pop culture milestones form a foundation for fine art? They can for Travis Chapman, the flourishing Washington state-based artist.

He sent TikTok wild in October with a video compilation of his most popular meme paintings on social media. From his ultra-contemporary pieces including his portrait of “Big Ed” Brown, the unfortunate candidate in the reality TV show 90 Day Fiancé, and his take on legendary GIFs of Shaquille O’Neal to his painted version of cult images of Leonardo DiCaprio laughing in Django Unchained or The Wolf of Wall Street.


I’ve added more memes to the gallery. A lot of hours involved here. ##DiceRoll ##SmallBusiness ##art ##memes

♬ Spring – Aesthetic Sounds

With almost 500,000 followers on TikTok and tens of thousands of Instagram fans, Travis Chapman embodies the new wave of artists who have managed to make digital their own and introduce younger generations to art.

Grotesque images of Donald Trump, Snoop Dogg smoking illegal substances, Christlike portraits with a contemporary twist or fresh spins on clichés with Mark Zuckerberg or Vincent Van Gogh as a sneaker seller: anyone in pop culture is an inspiration for Travis Chapman and he turns them into paintings, mugs, beads and terrycloth sweaters.


I painted a bunch of memes. Guess how many? #art #painting

♬ Buttercup – Jullian & Sophie Wood

Shop his fun and quirky pieces on his Etsy shop, ideal for anyone who’s struggling with gift ideas for Christmas.

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