Virgil Abloh, Prince Of The Fashion Planet


Let’s go back on Virgil Abloh’s incredible story. He is very talented in many things and is now working behind the scenes with Kanye West and is Louis Vuitton’s young rookie of urban wear.

His parents are from Ghana. He was born thirty-eight years ago in Rockford, Illinois, a hundred kilometers away from Chicago. He has a master’s degree in architecture from the Illinois Institute of technology. He met Kanye West and it changed his life forever. In 2002 he became the star’s preferred advisor. He is a very creative and talented guy and has stuck with the star, even in difficult times. He truly helped Kanye West shape his very original artistic universe. Virgil Abloh has a great eye for fashion, and helps the star to create his album covers, set designs and looks.

His work with Kanye has been the wind under his wings and lead him to create his own streetwear brand : Pyrex Vision. Thanks to the influence of his strong network, and A$ap Rocky among others, he is very successful.

Off White, on the road to success

After his first experience in the very exclusive world of fashion, he launched in 2013 Off White, a very innovative brand that blends high fashion and streetwear.

His recipe for success? A perfect mastery of 2.0 codes and collaborations with Nike, Levi’s, Moncler, Champion and Timberland. He was sacred in 2018 when Virgil Abloh became artistic director of the Men’s collection at Louis Vuitton. Finally crowned by the fashion industry and by his mentor of always during a first runway, Virgil Abloh was seen sobbing in Kanye West’s arms, under a warm and cheerful applause. His story is only starting.

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