Vivienne Westwood, her life, her works


The beautiful book “Vivienne Westwood Catwalk: The Complete Collections” lifts the veil on the work of designer Vivienne Westwood. The book chronicles the 40-year career of fashion’s most punk designer.

“Destroying the word conformity. From the very beginning, Vivienne Westwood shocked the British fashion world. Her anti-conformism is reflected in the details of her suits, which are cut using sewing techniques from the 17th and 18th centuries. True to her habits, the designer imbued her first “Pirates” show with the punk that has become her signature over time. Vivienne Westwood is 40 years old but has already created 10 years of clothes for “King’s Road”, her London boutique founded in collaboration with Sex Pistols director Malcolm McLaren. The tulle and frayed tweed suit, the mixing of male and female wardrobes by the models, the gender binary “Pirates” was only the beginning of Vivienne Westwood’s punk/new wave style impact on the general public.

Avant-garde even in her political views. Throughout the presentation of her collections, Vivienne Westwood was politically committed. After the presentation of her spring/summer 2006 collection, Vivienne Westwood turned her fashion show into a political demonstration by having activists on the catwalk with signs reading “austerity is a crime” and “hydraulic fracturing is a crime”. As early as 2006, the climate change activist was one of the first to warn of the urgent need for responsible fashion. Vivienne Westwood is one of the last independent fashion houses.

Shoes, bags, jewellery, boots, wedding dresses… a beautiful panorama of fashion and activism is presented in the book. Fashion journalist Alexander Fury – fashion critic for the Financial Times and Another Magazine, Andreas Kronthaler – the designer’s husband and collaborator – and Vivienne Westwood herself have brought together the best of Westwood in an anthological book, or rather a remarkable account of British fashion and history. A must read if you don’t want to visit the exhibition dedicated to her in Lyon.

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