We tested Fly Yoga


Acrobatic and floating, aerial yoga is gravity-defying

Looking for a yoga session that’s out of the ordinary, a break in the eternal Hatha/Hashtanga/Yin Yoga trio? We tried aerial yoga, a new athletic trend that’s as fun as it is original. Also called anti-gravity yoga or fly yoga, it’s practiced in suspension using mini hammocks hanging just one meter off the ground.

A mix of classic yoga poses and pilates moves, it tones muscles gently and is even suitable for people with fragile joints or chronic back pain. Aerial yoga is accessible to everyone from seasoned yogis to beginners, so you can defy gravity without danger. It offers a safe space for letting go, since you’re necessarily less visible than in conventional yoga classes, and it gradually improves your flexibility, posture and balance.


Inspired by the performing arts, lessons consist of a series of acrobatic poses that use the fabric of the hammock, serious choreography that gives muscles a deep stretch.

It’s still a budding practice offered in just a few studios across the world (due to the complexity of the movements), but that won’t stop it from spreading across the country!

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