We tried Animal Flow, Or How To Connect To Your Own Wilderness


Innovative and bewitching, this new American sport offers to reconnect us to our own wilderness.  

After the end of year parties and resolutions that inundate social media, it seems that adopting a new physical training is in order.

To avoid deserting the gym as soon as February starts, we have discovered this new fun sport, which we would actually like to do. 

If you want to tonify your muscles in a new way you can chose Animal Flow, a very intriguing American sport that aims at reconciling you with your primitive instincts.

The concept is to connect to your inner-beast through a mix of gymnastics, capoeira, yoga, and break dance that mimics animals’ movements.

Crawl like a lizard, jump like a lion

By inspiring your gestures’ from cat’s feline movement, or by crawling like a lizard, we stimulate muscles that are seldom stimulated, as well as increasing one’s motility, flexibility and balance.

Laughter is guaranteed. Even though we might laugh too much at first, we shortly let go and enjoy these strange movements. Then, we enjoy being part of a fun choreography.

These classes adapt to your level, whether you are a confirmed athlete or a beginner. You can really feel a difference in your body after only a few weeks: your deep muscles are reinforced and so is your coordination.

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