We’ve tried Face Yoga for you


Want to look younger without going under the knife or spending a fortune on anti-wrinkle treatments? Let’s do some face yoga, the latest trend that all the beauty fans are going wild for.

So you’ve heard of the face gym, an old-fashioned (but efficient) remedy to iron out any wrinkles and delay skin ageing; well this is face yoga with the same basics adapted to suit the new ultra-connected generation’s values.
Popular with Meghan Markle and the model Chrissy Teigen, face yoga is a real workout for your facial muscles: daily exercises can boost blood circulation and radiance and visibly smooth out wrinkles.

A natural way to delay ageing without the help of botox or other injectable products that’s all the rage on Instagram and YouTube beauty communities where you’ll find lots of tutorials to master the art of face yoga.

A pioneer in the field, FaceGym beauty centres in the US and UK explain the expert moves in their face workouts that are all the rage among beauty addicts. Fingers perform a dance alternating between taps, pinches and circular movements to get the blood flowing and skin glowing even in the midwinter gloom.

The website has a well-designed online shop where you can choose your bespoke beauty routine based on your skin type and lifestyle before receiving a daily workout to perform alongside any treatments for just 4 minutes a day.


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