Who Are Hip-Hop Diva’s Stylists?

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Let’s get a closer look at three men, who work behind the scenes of fashion and have created very original outfits for Rihanna, Beyonce and many others.

Well-known for their sense of style, the hip-hop superwomen are always acclaimed by their audience during their shows. Their looks are always analyzed by fashion experts, and by insiders of the fashion sphere. Now, let’s focus on the men who design their clothes and are considered discreet architects of the silhouettes of all female icons of the music industry.

Mel Ottenberg, THE expert

Rihanna’s very personal style? We owe it to Mel Ottenberg, official stylist of the Good girl gone bad. This visionary transformed the girl from Barbados in a fashion icon. He worked in many fashion magazines and has created a very Cool and sexy style, with no equivalent, perfectly mixing sportswear and high fashion. 

His iconic look? The yellow XXL dress worn by Rihanna during the Met Ball in 2015.

Ty Hunter, former lab worm now an expert in Power dressing

After having left his job in a lab where he was making artificial heart-valves, the young man was getting really bored in a Texas clothes-shop where he was working as a salesperson. Just like in fairy-tales he met Tina Knowles, Queen Bey’s fairy godmother. He then became the person behing every outfit and has been working with Rihanna since Destiny’s Child. He is the one who imagined the crazziest outfits for Beyonce’s shows.

His iconic look ? The DSquared2 leather bodysuit that Beyoncé wore during the Superbowl half time.

Rob Zangardi, master of the red carpet

J-Lo is a big fan of sexy dresses that underline her legendary curves. She certainly is as sexy as she always was. Rob Zangradi signs her ultra feminine outfits. He has been the costume designer of the bomba latina since 2011.

His iconic look? A fringed sequin dress that J-Lo wore at the MTV Music Awards in 2014.

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