Who is Tamera McLaughlin, Savage Fenty’s new muse?


Tamera McLaughlin is a lifestyle content designer with some 500,000 followers. She is a dancer, comedian and small-size model, and now the ambassador for the Savage Fenty brand.

“Even though I may be the first small-size model to be an ambassador for the brand, I really feel like I won’t be the last!” says Tamera McLaughlin. She has just been named as an ambassador for the lingerie brand Savage x Fenty. The mighty Rihanna is now famous for opening the way to universal and inclusive fashion, but Tamera McLaughlin’s arrival in the ranks really shows it is here to stay.

Short people are totally invisible in the fashion sphere, and the Barbadian intends to put a stop to this sort of discrimination. Also known by her pseudonym “The Little Person”, the Washington-based young influencer @ayathatsmera, aged 23, quickly attracted attention after a series of viral dance videos and comedy videos. On all the platforms where she is active, from Instagram to TikTok via YouTube, @Ayathatsmera conveys a range of positive messages and encourages her community to follow their dreams. Her explosively positive personality and athletic beauty have made her a real source of inspiration for others.

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