Why do we love to love/hate Drake?


At a time when a new album seems on the way, in spite of his missteps, Drake still has a strong place in fans’ hearts. Let’s talk about a love story that doesn’t seem ready to stop.

Singled out for his misbehaving on social media, singer Drake seems to be multiplying missteps: the laps of honor he made with his private jet for the Toronto Raptors during the NBA finals, or his last tune ‘No Guidance’ featuring Chris Brown, his rival in the heart of Rihanna… However, the Canadian rapper still remains the eternal sweetheart to his female fan base. Here is why:

He still is a Momma’s boy

In his songs and on social media, Drake isn’t afraid of proclaiming his love for the one and only woman in his life: his mom, Sandi Graham.

Pretty rare behavior amongst rappers who generally compete in showing off their masculinity and who don’t really talk about their relationship with their mother.

He is forever friend-zoned

Drake suffered a lot during his mysterious relationship with Rihanna, the heart-slayer who seemed to have friend-zoned him forever.

A unilateral passion that seems to have boosted Drake’s likeability among women who  strive to find some kind of sensitivity in the ultra-masculine-alpha-male rap game.

He defends feminist causes. Strong feminist, Drake doesn’t hesitate to rebuke male sexist behavior.  In 2017, during a concert in Australia he got very angry at a man who was molesting women, and threatened to go in the pit and teach him good manners.

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