Why Mac Miller’s posthumous album could be his best work ever


His death struck a chord as the artist was such a big personality in the music industry, especially among rap audiences.

Malcolm James McCornick a.k.a Mac Miller passed away on September 7th 2018 when he was just 26. The self-taught musician from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, made a splash when he was 18 with tracks including Nikes On My Feet and Donald Trump. Then he released Blue Side Park where his nonchalant confidence and amazing ability to adapt to any beat blew audiences away.
Miller’s music reflected his state of mind and he was often searingly honest with it. He was very sensitive and the slightest emotion could gain the upper hand, become uncontrollable and explode in his songs. Obviously the rapper dealt with love, a lot. The Divine Feminine album draws on his happy relationship with Ariana Grande whilst the last album to date, Swimming, is the break-up album about finding himself again and is perhaps his best record. That may be why Circles, his posthumous album out today, is so highly anticipated. Mac Miller left us on an ambitious note, we thought he was just steps away from reaching the pinnacle of his art. Swimming was dripping in honesty and moving humility about the doubts, fears and paradoxes plaguing the artist… A path fraught with dark holes to lose yourself in or spark your creativity.

Good news, God news

Good News is the first track on the album. Mac Miller’s team created a video true to the artist’s spirit for this single: honest and moving. It’s a weird feeling seeing images of the rapper in the studio at the start of the video: it keeps his music and energy alive. We see him again at the end with a childish grin on his tattooed face, raving over a “Miller Style” melody, a few piano notes that capture the highest highs and the lowest lows. The first track whisks us away: a moody journey taking us through Mac’s daydreams that makes us think this album is our ticket to continue our voyage in his universe.

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