Zendaya pays homage to Beyoncé in a 2003 Versace dress


It doesn’t get much more glamorous than this. For the BET Awards 2021 ceremony, Euphoria actress Zendaya wore a sumptuous vintage Versace SS2003 dress. And not just any dress… A piece that Beyoncé wore 18 years ago for her first solo performance at the BET Awards when she sang “Crazy in Love”.

Flash forward to 2003, 18 years ago. Beyoncé has slowly broken away from Destiny’s Children to embark on a solo career that will lead to her status as the undisputed Queen. The BET Awards ceremony is in full swing and the singer delivers a smashing performance of her hit Crazy in Love in a stunning short dress in cobalt, purple and neon yellow from the Versace spring/summer collection.

For the 2021 ceremony, actress Zendaya, with the help of her genius stylist Law Roach, donned the famous dress in a long, steamy version and paid a vibrant fashion tribute to Beyoncé. The whole world was in a frenzy of praise, starting with Donatella Versace herself, who described the young woman as “sensational” and “absolutely incredible”. Well done Zendaya!

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