Zerina Akers: Beyonce’s stylist who launched Black Owned Everything


Beyonce’s stylist is one of the fashion industry’s hottest talents, mastering ultra-sexy outfits like no other. 

With her finger on the pulse of everyone around their goddess, Queen B’s fans already know her name. With over 221,000 followers on Instagram, the talented and forward-thinking Zerina Akers is one of the leaders of the new generation of designers. Known worldwide for her work with Beyoncé, the young woman has become an ambassador of a claimed sexyness: forget the “less is more” credo that some of her Hollywood colleagues had accustomed us to; Zerina Akers is a proponent of grandiose and ultra sexy outfits, tools of empowerment dedicated to revealing the conquering nature of the wearer.

An eclectic mix of streetwear and ultra-sensuality, Zerina Akers’ style has spread to fashionistas all over the world: to imitate Beyoncé, they no longer hesitate to combine denim mini-shorts with high-heeled thigh boots. The femme fatale look Beyoncé sported at the Grammy Awards last March, with her gloves encrusted with gold nails? That’s her. 

The incredible mesh jumpsuit by Mugler that Jay Z’s wife wore on the cover of the latest British Vogue? That’s her too.

A visionary, Zerina Akers does not hesitate to put forward young designers who are still confidential, like the sublime outfit signed Palomo Spain that Beyoncé wore to announce the birth of her twins to her fans on social networks. Committed, the costume designer also combines her activist conscience with a solid entrepreneurial vocation: in the wake of the global protests following the death of George Floyd, Zerina Akers created Black Owned Everything. An online store featuring beauty, fashion and accessories brands founded solely by black designers. Black Owned Everything is much more than a marketplace platform,” explains the designer on her dedicated website. What started as a simple Instagram page has since become a movement, a medium for creating long-lasting exchanges aimed at highlighting ‘black excellence’. This is not a passing trend. Our goal now is to celebrate black creators, and to help create a truly inclusive community.

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